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Han & Park, Law Group, Inc. provides representation of clients in establishing conservatorships and serve as counsel to the conservator throughout its existence. We also represent clients in conservatorship related litigation including conservator contests, breach of fiduciary duty by conservator, challenges to a conservator's negligence in managing conservatee's finances or misappropriated use of conservatee's funds.


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Emmanuel S. Han, Esq.

    Emmanuel Han is a partner at Han & Park Law Group, Inc. He practices trust litigation, probate litigation and administration which he approaches with a thorough and aggressive litigation strategy that is both cost-conscious and legally effective. This practice entails petition to remove trustee, petition for probate and conservatorships. When called for, he tries cases in court or represents clients in mediation when it is in their best interest.

    He steadfastly serves a wide variety of clientele from the modest to substantial assets that require professional and reliable legal representation in the realm of probate.

    He earned his J.D. in 2007 from Southwestern Law School and his B.A. in Political Science in 2001 from University of California – Los Angeles. He is admitted to the California state bar

Trust Litigation

Trust litigation involves legal disputes over a trust, between beneficiaries and trustees. Every Florida trust names a trustee. A trustee is responsible for distributing and administering assets held in a trust to beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of a trust. Beneficiaries of a trust are those who receive assets from a trust. 

Will Litigation

Probate litigation is the process by which such disputes are resolved. Probate litigation can take the form of a will contest or challenge to a trust.

Spousal Property Petition

A Spousal Property petition is a way to transfer or confirm property to a surviving spouse without a full probate proceeding. It can usually be done with only one hearing in the court. If the decedent's estate is not complicated, the petition can settle questions about title or ownership of property.

Trust Administration

Trust administration is the process whereby your named successor trustee marshals your assets, pays off your creditors, and eventually distributes your estate to your beneficiaries.

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