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Article 1 (Purpose of Processing Personal Information and the List of Processed Personal Information)

Below is Han & Park’s purpose of processing personal information and its list of processed personal information. Personal information that Han & Park processes is not used for any other purposes except the purposes as follows. If the purpose is revised, Han & Park will take a necessary measure, such as receiving special agreements according to the “Personal Information Protection Acts” Article 18.

     1. Customer’s Personal Information 

The list of Processed Personal Information

- Name, Nationality, Sex, Contact Information (such as, address, phone number, email, etc.), Date of Birth, Family Information, the Scale of Assets, and Marital Status

- Information that is produced and provided in the process of services for or related to customers and of setting up, maintaining, executing, and managing business relationship

The Purpose of Processing Personal Information

- To offer services for customers; To set up, maintain, execute, and manage business relationship; to investigate any accidents; to resolve disputes; to address complaints; and to conduct any legal duties

- To send a seminar invitation and a newsletter; and to provide other information

      2. Job Applicants’ Personal Information

The list of Processed Personal Information

Personal Identity; Academic/Work Experience; Review, Decision, and Notification of Recruitment; Applicants’ Intention to be recruited in additional recruitment  

The Purpose of Processing Personal Information

To check personal identity and academic/work experience; to manage previous application experience; to make a decision and notify whether the applicants are recruited; to check the applicants’ intention to be recruited in additional recruitment process; and etc.

Article 2 (Process and Retention Period of the Personal Information)

1. Han & Park process and retain personal information within the process/retention period of the related laws and the period that the subject of personal information agreed when it is collected.

2. Below is the process/retention period of personal information

     1. Customer’s Personal Information: Until the purpose above is achieved or it is requested to be withdrawn or terminated. 

     2. Job Applicant’s Personal Information: Until the purpose above is achieved or the subject of personal information withdraw his/her agreement.

Article 3 (Information regarding Processing Personal Information regarding Children under 14)

1. Han & Park receives an agreement from a legal representative to collects personal information of children under 14 and collect the minimum personal information to conduct corresponding services.

      - Required List: Legal representative’s name, relationship, and contact information

2. When collecting personal information of children under 14, Han & Park can request minimum information of their legal representative, such as the representative’s name and contact information, to the children. Han & Park checks whether the legal representative agrees with providing the children’s personal information to Han & Park through the his/her identity verification by using, for example, his/her phone.

Article 4 (Providing Personal Information to Third Parties)

Han & Park processes personal information of the subject only for the purposes stated in this policy, and Han &Park provides personal information to third parties only when the subject made an agreement ahead or only when it is based on related laws, such as privacy policy. Currently, Han & Park does not provide personal information to third parties.

Article 5 (Entrustment of Processing  Personal Information)

1. Han & Park outsources personal information processing tasks as follows. If there is any change in the entrusted company or the contents of the trustee’s tasks, Han & Park will announce it through this policy.

      - Entrusted Company: ㈜버프코퍼레이션 / Entrusted Tasks: to establish database system and to transfer existing data

2. When entrusting tasks in order to process personal information, Han&Park states not only the purpose of the tasks but also legal information—regarding prohibition in processing personal information, technical and administrative measures to protect personal information, the purpose and range of the entrusted tasks, restriction in re-entrustment, managing/monitoring of the trustee, responsibility of compensation for damages, and etc.— in the official documents, such as a contract, according to related laws and regulations, and monitors whether the trustee process personal information securely.

Article 6 (Right and Responsibility of the Subject of Personal Information and Ways to Exercise them)

1. According to the related laws, including the personal information protection law, the subject of personal information can exercise a right to protect personal information by requesting the correction/removal of personal information, suspension of processing personal information, and etc.

Article 7 (Information regarding transferring Personal Information to the outside of the country)

1. In order to provide a better service for customers and appropriately collect, process, and manage customers’ information, if there is an agreement of the subject of personal information or any other special regulations in law, Han & Park transfers personal information to overseas head office—Han & Park Law Group Inc— as follows.

     1. Entrusted company: Han & Park Law Group Inc

     2. Location of the entrusted company: 6281 Beach Blvd, Ste 302, Buena Park, California 90621

     3. Contact of personal information manager: +1 714-523-9010 /

Article 8 (Destruction of Personal Information)

1. In principle, Han & Park destroys related personal information without delay once the personal information becomes unnecessary—for example, when the purpose of the information is accomplished and etc.

2. If Han & Park needs to retain personal information, instead of terminating it, according to the related laws and regulations, the personal information or its file will be separated from other personal information and be saved and managed.

3. Han & Park finds personal information that has reasons to be terminated, receives approval from the personal information protection manager, and terminates it.

4. Han & Park, if personal information to be terminated is in an electric file, delete it permenantly in a way that is impossible to be restored. If personal information is in recording media, such as records, printed documents, and written documents, it will be paper-shredded or incinerated.

Article 9 (Collection of Opinions and Addressing Complaints)

The subject of personal information can inquire about factors about personal information protection, addressing complaints, remedy for damage, and etc. to Personal Information Protection Manager. Han & Park will give a prompt and full answer about the subject’s inquiry.


   Personal Information Protection Manager

Article 10 (Change of Personal Information Processing Policy)

This policy can be changed according to related laws, guidelines, and the lawyer office’s internal regulation. When this personal information processing policy is changed, it will be announced in a way that the related laws decided. This policy will be in effect from */*/2024.

Article 11 (Measures to Ensure Security of Personal Information)

To ensure security of personal information, Han & Park takes measures as follows.

  • Administrative Measures: establishment and enforcement of an internal administrative plan, regular personal information protection education for members, and etc.

  • Technical Measures: management of an access right to personal information processing system, installation of access control system, encryption of unique identification information, installation of security program, and etc.

  • Physical Measures: access control to personal information storage, such as data storage.

Article 12 (Information regarding Installment, management, and Refusal of Devices that Automatically Collect Personal Information)

1. Definition of Cookie

A cookie is a tiny text files that a server used to run a website sends to a user’s computer, and it is saved in the user’s computer hard disk drive. Accordingly, users can autonomously choose whether to allow installment and collection of cookies, so they can refuse it.

2. How to Refuse Cookie Set-Up

     1. For Internet Explorer: “Tool” (Web browser) > “Internet Option” > Personal Information > set up directly

     2. For Chrome: Customize and Control(Upper-right corner of web browser) > “Settings” > “Advanced” > Content Setting in “Privacy and Security” Section > set up directly in the Cookies section.

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