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We specialize in legal consulting on inheritance, gifts, business succession, and other related matters, including estate planning.

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Estate Planning means planning for arrangements to give one’s assets as estate and gift before his/her death(when he/she is in a stable status to make a decision). In other words, estate planning is a process to facilitate the transfer of grantor’s estate to a desirable beneficiary —which includes a process of establishing a living trust before death.


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Revocable Living Trust

As a trust that can be corrected before one’s death, a revocable living trust is often called a living trust. Its purpose is to manage assets and distribute them after the trustor’s death, and it can be directly managed by the trustor before death. It allows the successor trustee to manage the assets if the trustor becomes unable to manage their daily affairs or upon their death. Ultimately, the assets are inherited by the beneficiary in accordance with the inheritance provisions established through the trustor's living trust after the trustor's death.

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Irrevocable Living Trust 

An irrevocable living trust is a trust that can never be corrected once it is established. Since it cannot be corrected after its establishment, usually, it is made to give assets as “gift” to a beneficiary. The assets arranged as a gift are excluded from the subject of estate taxation after the trustor’s death.

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Charitable Planning 

It is an estate planning to maximize tax benefits by donating assets to charity or nonprofit organizations, and its purpose is to contribute to society. This plan may include establishing a nonprofit organization, founding an incorporated association, setting up a trust in a charity, or donating life insurance benefits.

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Special Needs Trust

It is a procedure to maintain assets and financial support for individuals with physical or mental disabilities. In this case, since the beneficiary has been receiving governmental support, this plan enables to continually get governmental support or benefit and helps the beneficiary to inherit the grantor’s assets.

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Trust Amendments

Trust Amendments refer to a process of changing or correcting a living trust that is already established. It is a process to correct and update living trust documents by adding new terms or conditions through a professional legal consultant when the terms of a living trust needs to be updated according to changes in life or asset status.

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Gifting means giving a donee the entire or some part of assets as gifts before the donor’s death. It focuses on simplifying taxes related to gifting, and legal advice will be provided to protect and manage the gifted assets. Gifting is regarded as an important strategy in estate planning. It should be decided with a consideration of the scale of assets and taxes and family members’ requirements.

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