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Probate means a legal process to manage and distribute estate that will be bequeathed to heirs after the grantor’s death. Probate is processed through a court, and its steps consist of checking the validity of a will, valuation of estate, debt repayment, tax payment, etc.


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Probate Litigation 

Probate Litigation pertains to legal issues and conflicts that can arise during the legal process of distributing and managing the estate of a grantor who did not create a living trust before passing away. It includes issues on the validity of a will, estate distribution, and conflict in managing estate.

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Trust Litigation

Trust Litigation is litigation related to legal conflicts and issues around a living trust—such as validity of a living trust, disagreement in living trust interpretation, a living trust setup, management, distribution, dissolution, etc. Trust litigation especially requires expertise since it needs in-depth understanding of the process of inheriting estate. It can include various legal issues, including the executor(or the trustee)’s breach of trust.

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Affidavit of Small Estate

Affidavit of Small Estate is used to simplify the estate-inheriting process when the grantor’s estate is below a certain amount. Its advantage is simple and efficient management and distribution of estate below a certain amount. Whether this policy can be used differs from each state’s law and regulation.

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Spousal Property Petition 

Spousal Property Petition is a way for the spouse to inherit the grantor's estate without going through a long probate process when the spouse meets certain conditions. While simplifying an inheritance process, the petition helps the spouse to manage the bequethed estate effectively.

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Heggstad Petition 

Heggstad Petition is a procedure for carrying out the inheritance process for assets not included in the trust. If the terms to transfer certain assets are unclear, these assets can be included in the trust through this procedure. This procedure allows these assets to be managed and processed through a trust and simplifies the trust’s distribution process.

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Petition for Letters of Administration

As a document to submit to a court after one’s death, the Petition for Letters of Administration is necessary when the grantor did not leave a will or when the authenticity of the will cannot be validated. When the document is submitted to the court, the legal process will begin. Through a legal process and proof, a beneficiary will have a legal right to manage and distribute the estate. 

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Petition for Modification of Irrevocable Trust 

In general, an irrevocable trust cannot be changed. However, in a certain situation where a living trust’s terms or conditions need to be corrected, Petition for Modification of Irrevocable Trust can be submitted to a court to change the trust.

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