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We specialize in legal consulting on inheritance, gifts, business succession, 
and other related matters, including estate planning.

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Legal Consulting


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It is a service to offer general support to establish a firm. Through a firm, you can make a contract, own estates, and participate in legal transactions. If you initiate a lawsuit or are sued, your estate can be legally protected.


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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a form of a firm. It limits the legal responsibilities of shareholders who own the company or who are responsible for the company, and LLC allows a company’s income and loss to be reflected in their individual income tax report. It is a form that enables shareholders to participate in the company’s management while limiting their individual responsibility. It is typically used for real estate management. 

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Family Limited Partnership

Family Limited Partnership(FLP) is established by two or more family members. It is run by distributing legal responsibility appropriately. Based on the family’s purpose in general, each family members take charge of the FLP’s income, audit, control, etc. It is used to manage and transfer assets, such as real estate, stock, and business.  

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After its establishment, S-corporation allows owners to avoid the corporation’s double taxation by including the corporation’s income in individual income tax reports—because the corporation’s income and loss can be reflected in individual income tax reports. To establish it, many factors, including the number of shareholders and the types of issued stocks, need to meet a certain standard.

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Like C-corporations in Korea, it is a form of a firm that establishes your business as a corporation. Shareholders do not have responsibility for the corporation’s debt beyond their investment, and stocks can be issued and transferred without limit.

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